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The Learnertainment® Eight

The eight principles of Learnertainment® and their associated action steps are:

1. Emotion Creates Memory - Evoke Emotion

2. Perspectives Deepen Meaning - Layer Learning

3. The Environment Talks - Stage the Surroundings

4. Visuals Aid Retention - Present with Props

5. Suggestions Guide Outcomes - Make it Magical

6. Sound Trumps Sight - Mix in Music

7. Laughter Produces Positivity - Harness Humor

8. Professionalism Produces Results - Perfect the Performance

Use the Learnertainment® Eight and you will focus the spotlight directly where it should be: on learning!

Starting on August 4, 2003, and every continuing every month thereafter, Lenn Millbower, the Learnertainment® Trainer captured his thoughts on learning and shared them with his loyal readers. Starting with a small group of followers numbering in the low hundreds, Offbeat Online’s readership now numbers in the thousands.

All the issues from 2004 through 2008 are now available at a nominal fee.

Click here to purchase back issues of Offbeat Online.

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